Due to my literature class’s current focus on structuralism and deconstructionism, I have been hyper aware of social and cultural structures and how my world fits around them. We all like to think that we are individually unique, and for the most part we all are, but it is still a peculiar feeling when you realize you totally embody a cliche.

One day you look around and get this eerie sensation of pluralism…

You look at your ever-overflowing recycling pile and notice a particular trend..

and that your sink is perpetually full..

and you mix dollar pre-packaged rice with fresh vegetables as a contribution to a barbeque

and you spend your Saturday afternoon AT a barbeque

and yor turn on your camera the morning after attending a reggae concert with friends and you find pictures that you do not recall being taken..


(Scratch that, you simply take into account that you went to a reggae concert.)

Looks like I am a typical college student hahah when did that happen?!

3 responses to “typical

  1. You are unique, and special, and not at all ordinary – unless, of course, the latter is what you let yourself be. Your choice.
    Every day makes a difference – especially after 3/4 of a century.
    What are you thinking about and reading, I mean after you finish your cutting and cooking?
    Even your messy piles are decorative and well photographed.

  2. teehee i took both those pictures

  3. Thanks to your blog I looked up deconstructionism – I suspected it was something like that but had never read about it before. Preparing for my classes in Western Civ I looked up out that, I am surer beginnings and found something similar – we come from a narrow base and the structure of our organs, brain etc. are so old and we still walk around with the same stuff, although a little updated. Please share observations about deconstr…. and the other word – we all need to know more about these things, I am sure.

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