The majority of the time I don’t notice.

I remain indoors during sunsets.

I scurry to my destination on sunny days.

I focus on my fatigue instead of scenery on runs.

I shiver with cold, instead of delight at the top of mountain peaks. My sandwich becomes the most beautiful thing in that moment.

Every once in awhile though, I get distracted from whatever endeavor I am currently involved in and allow wonder to creep in the cracks of my consciousness.

Growing up in Albuquerque has spoiled me to some extent, in regards to the fact that everyday is so ludicrously breathtaking that residents tend to develop an immunity to it. This is a horrible, life threatening affliction in my opinion because if you lose the capability of appreciating such beauty–how can you possibly appreciate your existence as a whole?

The colors in Albuquerque are so vivid it seems impossible that they actually exist. It is incomprehensible that everything should exist in such precise clarity and perfection–I feel as though I have grown up in a painting.

We each represent a brushstroke in this grand portrait.


and yet, while ABQ represents a very particular kind of majestic allure–it is an epidemic in the very best way (epidemic is without a doubt the wrong word, but i’m going with it anyways)–that this wonder exists everywhere, in a very individualized way.

The truly astounding thing about the whole deal is that it took the Earth so many stages–three atmospheres, 3.5 billion years–to transform itself into an inhabitable area. This dynamic planet maintains itself, each individual part trained well in its purpose and function, through a system of elaborate natural phenomena.


We were destined for one another–it is as though it was specifically designed for us to live it and we developed through evolution to be able to utilize all that it offers. The universe set us up on a blind date and we hit it off. We should collectively participate in a advertisement–the galaxy’s greatest success.


Today, I remembered


One response to “majestic

  1. Growing up in Colorado…I also got accustomed to some spectacular views. Moving to Texas has awakened my senses…when I go back home, I stand in awe. Thank you for sharing your words and these phots. And thank you for your kind thoughts on my own blog. I appreciate you!

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