It is monday and I do not know how I survived but I did. The last 12 hours (give or take) have been a blur where the world was merely but a space in which I whizzed by in a blur.

My feet hurt, my soul hurts, I seriously need a lot of chocolate chips to remedy this. I leave you with some of life’s essential questions:

1) How on EARTH does one person (i.e. me) manage to generate such vast quantities of dishes from one measly meal?!

2) What does one do with a box filled with more oranges than a human being could possibly eat in a week (how long I predict them lasting before they get squishy and disgusting)

3) Was pilates originally invented as a form of medieval torture?

2 responses to “turtle

  1. 1) Occam’s Razor works best when dealing with thingsyou don’t want to expand/increase/make complex.
    2) A fridge is a great place for storing oranges. Of course, I am assuming they are already inside a fridge. Therefore, if the quantity is very large, selling oranges can provide multiple benefits. Or, various meals and dishes using oranges (oranges on ice cream, oranges juice, etc) can be made.
    3) What is ‘pilates’?

  2. Pilates is killer. Thus the reason I don’t go to pilates class any more. I know I should, but my muscles can’t handle it! As for your dishes? Get some cute boy to come and do them for you. It works for me :-) Have a great Thursday, sweet girl.

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