I often gripe about being too busy for my own good, but the truth of the matter is I get incredibly restless when I lack responsibilities. Due to this, although in theory finishing my Friday at noon is lovely–it leaves me with a fair bit of down time.

Today I decided, after fueling myself with a copious amount of green tea and almonds, to finally organize all the junk I have accumulated in my room over the past few weeks

One trip to World Market and the hardware store and I was all set.





absolutely out of more rhyming words on this one…Wait!–FAM! DAM! CLAM! none of which make sense.

moving on, there are still many more things to be undertaken. The next of which include

replacing my ghetto substitute for a lamp with a proper light fixture.

hanging these frames

up on this wall

finding a less goofy yoga location

and loving on the coneheads!

OH wait, already did that ;)


so ready for an evening filled with wine, clothes swapping, beautiful ladies, and cooking.

One response to “antsy

  1. Interesting to see you have a key board, and may I ask what do you play?
    What to share with you that the three daughters gave me a beautiful Yamaha guitar to start playing again – Astrid is playing beside the singing.

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