You know those days where every last is just perfect? The kind where your hair looks good, your feet dont hurt THAT bad in relation to the shoes you are wearing, you have good traffic,  accompanied by even better weather?

Yeah me either.

Today came pretty close though. I woke up at precisely 7 am sans alarm, enjoyed leisurely coffee with a side of Today show.

Made some work calls, and headed out for a run. The weather was a BIT too chilly for my taste, got the whole lungs-burning-from-inside-you-but-you-can’t-stop-gasping-for-air-and-making-it-worse deal  going on for sure.

Lunch with my favorite girls, an un stressed article, reporters meeting, dinner with mom, top chef rounded it off.

throw multiple cups of coffee interspersed within this and a failed baking attempt (i bought all ingredients to get home, and find out that i had no brown sugar) and you’ve got my day.

Which I have to say, is pretty darn close to perfect in my book. Busy but pleasant. :)

p.s. my feet hurt. wearing heels everyday is taking a toll! but absolutely worth it of course.


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