As I approach the new dawn of life–i.e. the end of my paper–things are gaining a rosier tint through these glasses contacts of mine. (recent republican victories aside of course)

FOOOORRR instance I learned recently that my front door is the official border into new mexico

congratulations to me?

I also enjoyed a B-E-A-UUUUUUUtiful sunset from the comfort of my own back porch/ sociology paper war room.

Snapped this baby with my phone! it’s better than my camera i fear. technology is taking over,  hovercars here we come.

I am also officially back to work–only I would actually get excited about this BUT my byline will now be once again present in the Daily Lobo as of next week :)

(Can I get a ‘what what’ for getting paid?)


speaking of mmmmmmmhm’s (emphasis on the attitude) REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA IS BACK! hahah nene is my girl

watch it just for you baby–>>andy coop can come too. no idea why they are in a picture together. google images knows though.


ANNYWHOoo kitties are cute


I have signed up for winter break classes that don’t begin until january 3rd SO no more school for this girl until the ripe old age of 19.

All the more time for crafts

Current to purchase list stands at:

  • Globe
  • Large mirror
  • Amy Sedaris’ craft book
  • A life

2 responses to “refurbish

  1. Congrats, you are almost over the threshold. MM

  2. You are almost there! Stay strong (and keep on sharing such adorable pictures of kittens!)

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