Writer’s block is one of the most widely spread and acutely affecting diseases that students can experience.

Most often it tends to occur at the absolute worst time possible–and to top it off the mounting pressure that builds every moment makes it spread from the brain to engulf its prey’s entire body.

One paper down, one more to go.

That is my mantra today as I grudgingly attempt to force myself into learning an entire month’s worth of material in one 12 hour period. I woke up this morning ultra early filled with resolve and I read the entire textbook for UNM’s Sociology 101 in under two hours only to find that it held almost no relevance for my paper’s topic.


The assignment:

write an essay about a sociological and/ or/  social problem of your own choice. Start by formulating a research question which you will discuss and analyze using sociological perspectives treated in the course.

The essay shall consist of 4-6 pages and cover at least three perspectives covered in the course (the classical theorists Marx, Durkheim or Weber, symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, conflict and consensus perspectives, gender theory, theories of late modernity, and globalization theories).


This would be alot easier if I even knew what the correct definition of a sociological or social problem. According to Google answers it is, “not your face”. Thanks technology, that was helpful.

Don’t let the happy face mug fool you: I’m screwed.



2 responses to “web

  1. Oh sweet girl! I’m thinking of you and sending writing thoughts your way! I hate the feeling of having to perform under pressure…but I know that you will pull this off! Good luck, my dear!

  2. I can’t believe I just read what I read. Guess what I am doing RIGHT now??
    yeahhh procrastinating on a 4-6 page tutorial. No wonder we’re cousins:)
    loovvvee youu thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one;)
    hope everything is well. we should skype soon and catch up!

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