I don’t care if Rome wasn’t built in a day–my life is not Rome and that phrase sucks so don’t say it to me.

please and thank you.


It is incredibly frustrating for me to pursue goals sometimes seeing as I am seriously lacking in the persistence and patience areas. I want things to happen, I want them to happen now, and I want it to be easy.

Too bad that’s not how it works. If it was then my room would be clean right now, my Swedish school work would be completed, and all my clothes would fit me again.

Complaint session:

1. My room at my mom’s looks like it literally imploded upon itself–in my defense though it is with clean clothes because I did do massive quantities of laundry the second day I was home.

Even before I got home, my drawers were destroyed either by my lovely best friend or my mother rummaging through them but it took me awhile to fold everything the first time so imagine my surprise when I open all my drawers and they are a jumble of once organized clothing. (love you both, but whoever that was i slightly resent you–only slightly, just because it took so long to fold the first time!)

2. I have two papers to write for Swedish classes to get credit and am lacking absolutely any kind of motivation. It is so far away that it just takes the back seat and is so difficult to recognize as important. I have a severe case of writer’s block and it is driving me nutso because I used to LOVE writing papers and now I cant even focus on reading the material.

The subjects of the papers in question are interesting even so I don’t know what my problem is–sociology and ethical philosophy! Those subjects should be a party in my brain but of course because it is important than I just get nowhere. The first paper I wrote for moral philosophy I got an Fx (worst grade possible) on because I didn’t properly address the subject.

This is the first paper on the pohd–Principle of Human Dignity.

3. NONE OF MY FRIGGITY FREAKING CLOTHES FIT. Okay, they fit but they are excruciatingly tight. I’m all for gaining weight because I know that I needed to, but seriously I hate buying pants and I’m in the last phases of denial that I need to do so pronto.

10 pounds were gained in Sweden, mostly due to meatballs and beer, five of which were needed but the last five have made getting dressed an uncomfortable task. Doesn’t help that I suspect in my aforementioned laundry session that my clothes shrunk a bit, either that or I was wearing tiny tiny clothing before I left.


Despite appearances to the contrary, this post is not just a complaint-filled hate letter to life. I actually have a point: hide your shock and awe.

As much as I hate the whole ‘Rome’ analogy, I really do recognize that it takes baby steps. Things aren’t resolved in a moment, and if they were then we wouldn’t notice that they were ever unresolved anyways. I have control over my life, and I can use that control to accomplish the goals that I need to.

So I folded the clothing in my drawers..

..made my bed…

..and then covered it with more folded clothes

It’s a step

I finally wrote one dreaded paper. I’ll admit, it’s not my best work but at least it is done.

It’s a step

I went for run with my dog, even if it was only about a mile. I am also embracing the whole yoga pant wearing in public concept for now.

I need to stop being such a perfectionist because really life is too short. Nothing will ever be perfect, especially considering the election results from last night (tsk tsk america), there will always be something that is unsatisfactory.

But there are always steps to be taken.

“The only thing you can control is your own effort.”

-Theodora van den Beld


P.S. Rome might of not been built in a day, but why would I want to model my life after a FALLEN empire?! Dumbdumbdumb.


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  1. I saw that quote today on Real Simple and I really liked it. So true!

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