Nutella on a spoon as substitution for meals is an expensive  (not to mention disgusting) habit to have. That dang hazelnut spread is costly– but SO worth it.

Generally I am a pretty stagnant save-a-holic bordering on the Jewish Grandmother side of the scale. I literally cringe when people throw some things away. As of late however, I have come to realize that some things are just worth it to spend money on.

I mean not to be morbid or anything but whatever money you don’t use up during your life just goes to someone else so might as well spend it (to an extent) on things that improve your quality of life.

I have taken this new view to heart and am LOVING my recent purchases.

BOOTIES! 69 sek (it was a sign!)

p.s. 69 sek is not equal to 69 dollars. It’s like 8 dollars, yo. I’m not that crazy

Robe from IKEA

Metal Brain Sucker..

JUST KIDDING. Head massager= best invention in the whole wide world.

The excitement about this baby is tangible!

I took this new frame of mind into account during a day excursion to Norrkoping where we came across a store filled to the brim with every vice I struggle with.

yeah we are talking chocolate..


coffee and coffee-related items (think mugs, jam, etc)

and an insane collection of teas!

One of which I bought. I haven’t tried it yet but it smells DIVINE. Seriously–it is a black tea with currant and crushed citrus leaves native to Norrkoping.

There are some things that I have realized lately, and I have come up with (surprise, surprise) a LIST!

Kallie’s (new) rules to live by

  • keep things simple
  • say thank you
  • smile at strangers
  • admit when you are wrong, it’s okay
  • wash your socks often
  • dance in your room
  • the best foods are served in bowls
  • know when to say no..and when not to
  • endorphins are the best medicine
  • sometimes a little britney spears is necessary
  • oral hygiene is no joking matter
  • don’t lie
  • use spell check
  • don’t apologize for who you are
  • try everything once
  • trust your instinct
  • music cures bad moods (or screaming into a pillow)

I’m not saying that because I realize that these rules are ideal for my personal taste that I abide by every single one every single day, but ya gotta strive for the best.

Does anyone have any rules that they try to live by?


3 responses to “spoon

  1. I do! and will share them with you… largely because i am not in the mood to read the sociology book in front of me, I get the concepts, but don’t really understand why its necessary to memorize the EXACT definitions.

    here goes:
    -state the facts, keep opinions out of it unless they’re asked, its alot more honest and doesnt clutter up your emotion by attaching a feeling to something that may be “good” or “bad”…. that being said.. embrace the things you think are good, accept the ones that arent and find a perspective on it that allows you to objectively view the beautiful growth that it has or is going ot result in
    -walk like you feel, bounce, open up, when someone says good morning make eye contact, smile at them and genuinely return the greeting
    -when walking next to a wall or fence trail your fingers along it, it feels SOOOO good!
    -stretch when grumpy
    -dont take things personally, people who do things that intend to hurt you are alot more hurt themselves and you just gotta look at them iwth unconditional love and understand that theyre lost and be there
    -listen to music
    -get enough sleep! exercise, eat a balanced diet and dont meditate too much on it if you dont, just take action to change that.
    -embrace your potential, theres ALOT!
    -look at reflections on anything and everything
    -feel the way your body is feeling, be in awe of it
    -feel your emotions, let the waves of joy and sadness course through you, recognize that they are a part of you, but do not make who you are
    -when overjoyed sqeal or squack and laugh and tell someone
    tell your best friend you love her

    (all ofthese things are things im still currently working on and with, its all such a process, and its a beautiful one, the more you unravel the layers the cooler the prize in the middle gets!)

  2. also: look at pictures!
    take things as they come
    its all about fluidity.

  3. What a great list of rules to live by! I was just talking about how much I love nutella tonight at class…you’re making me wish I had a jar right now! As for my rules? Here are a few
    Always end the day with a kiss
    Eat good food, slowly
    Laugh, often

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