I find it sad that my grandmother-ness is apparent across cultural borders. When one of my Turkish roommates chuckled as he walked past me this morning–parked on the sofa with tea, in my glasses and favorite sweater, knitting–I had was curious as to why.

When I asked, the reply was that I looked like a grandmother. Welp, might as well move into the retirement home now people. Apparently I would fit right in.

My day moved at a senior citizen’s pace, just the way I like it. With all this activity I have not had much down time in my room to just relax so I took today to do just that. It was beautiful outside, so I opened my windows wide as I proceeded to sit at my desk, refilling my teacup while knitting and watching season one Rachel Zoe illegally online.

I did have a moderate amount of social contact however so no one get concerned! I had dinner with friends (chinese food) followed by dessert at back at my place for some Bridget Jones Diary watching.

Geez I love Colin Firth. Yes, I realize I have odd taste in men.

Bridget reminds me of myself in so many ways, so it is rather painful for me to watch her get herself into awkward social situations because I do many of the same embarassing things (or similar haha not EXACTLY the same). We also share the inability to censor things that come out of our mouths at any given moment, spend alot of time with our parents, and even dress similarly?

It’s quite disturbing really.

She is interesting to watch however, and people like the movies and books for a reason so I suppose I would rather be spastic and unpredictable than be boring. I am here to entertain you–you are welcome.


One response to “slacker

  1. You are so pretty…and I think that knitting and sipping on tea sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I’m a bit jealous!

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