Life is essentially comprised of experiences with opportunities for opposing interpretations. TRANSLATION: It all depends how you look at it.

For example..

Fear of going somewhere new is no fun, but the excitement that comes along with it is.

Missing your bed(s) at home is no fun, but bringing your comforter with you to another country is!

Five hour layovers are no fun, but people watching is–particularly in the international wing (think lots of languages)

I refrained from taking pictures hah in effort to conceal my rudeness

Saying goodbye is no fun, but going away parties are!


  • Chips, salsa, and guacamole
  • Chicken and shrimp kabobs
  • Polenta
  • Fruit Salad
  • Caprese
  • Jenny’s coconut cupcakes

It was so nice to see everyone, sorry if you didnt make it into a picture (most of you didnt) because my camera went out at like 8 hah BUT I was so glad that I got a chance to see the people I care about all in one room!

I am sitting in the Dulles airport right now, I am boarding the plane in about an hour and a half and I am incredibly nervous. Not only for the plane ride (yes flying scares me a bit), but for navigating by myself from the airport to the train station in Stockholm to Linkoping to my dorm room. Also, the concept of being cut off from the world basically by turning off my phone for five months is just crazy to think about.

My anxiety is seriously taking over my body right now(room is spinning a bit and I have a headache and feel nauseous), but writing about it seems to help. I really hope that I can address this problem once I get settled in. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am fine and that nothing physical is wrong with me.

Ill keep you all posted! :)


4 responses to “opposites

  1. I am thinking about you…I know exactly how you feel (it seems like we have similar struggles). Stay strong because this experience will make you grow in some amazing ways!

  2. Welcome to Sweden. Hope all went OK at Centralen and on the train to L-g and that the dorm was where it was supposed to be. Hope you will get a new cell phone right away and can mail the number.
    Translation to Swedish:
    Valkommentill Sverige! Vi hoppas att ankomsten och bytet pa Centralen gick bra och tagresan till Linkoping och att du hittade ditt rum. Hoppas du kan skaffa en ny cell phone snart och ge oss numret.
    Stor kram!
    Mormor och Par

  3. Love you, You will be fine. Linkoping is nice and old, you will like it.
    YOur support people all are standing ready to assist.
    Just get yourself all the way there today.
    Hope you hook up with Aunt Gittan for some hugs and reassurance at Central Station.
    We all love you, MORMOR

  4. nerr i love you.

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