Good morning :)

Today I have my neurologist appointment, where it should be determined whether I am simply crazy (which is entirely possible) or if there is actually something wrong in my noggin. As a girl who has never has barely had ANY health scares in her life with the exception of just one cut of the finger that required stitches, lets just say the prospect of going to a hospital clinic for brain problems is to say the very least, absolutely terrifying.

When I am terrified I seek out comfort as a means of distraction from my fear. SO on that note I would say some things are alright to do for the sake of calming my nerves.

It is alright for me to break my normal strictly black coffee etiquette and dilute my morning beverage..

It is alright for me to sit on my porch for two hours going through old magazines..with my grandma glasses readily available

Did you spot my breakfast?

Yeah, it is definately MORE than alright for me to consume last night’s dinner that I missed for breakfast

Followed by some M&M’s of course. :)

Breakfast of Champions!

And when I found my mom’s tube of Kalle’s caviar in the fridge…It is alright for me to be absolutely disgusted despite the fact that my name is on the tube..along with a picture of a young male boy because IT IS ALRIGHT that my parents named me after my great grandfather and therefore when I am in Sweden I might be mocked hahah

I do not approve of my name being displayed on such a disgusting product. Tubed caviar..that is just not alright.


3 responses to “tube

  1. It might be an odd thing to say, but I kinda hope you’re just crazy and there really isn’t anything really wrong with your noggin :)
    Definitely had every right to treat yourself to whatever you wanted though! Nice pics to capture it too haha

    Well, best of luck girl- hope everything goes well. Keep us all posted!

  2. Mind you that the number of Swedes who absolutely love Kalles kaviar is very high. Maybe it is a problem.
    I am sure your brain is no more weird than anybody else’s but am eagerly waiting for the results. Good luck.

  3. I emptied my Kalles kaviar just last night. Delicious!
    I hope you’re no more kooky than everyone else.

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