This week absolutely flew by, I cant believe that this time next week I’ll be back in the Burque, most likely drinking tea with my other half (im of course referring one jw, not andy cooper although he can join if he wishes)

This particular friday was exceptional for a plethora of reasons aside from the fact that it marks the beginning of the weekend and despite the thermometer reading UNGODLY HOT (aka 98 degrees with a large amt of humidity)

1. I dragged myself out of bed for a morning run before work and returned to a FABULOUS breakfast. Simple but delicious–I am successfully powering through my jar of Safeway peanut spread fa SHOW.

2. I have a good hair day, which never happens out here

3. WE GOT CAKE AT WORK–it was one of the interns’ last day so we got chocolate cake and to sit and chat with the staff for about two hours. Did I mention there was cake?

4. We got let out at 4:30!

5. I snagged some free tp

6. Claire is on her way to pick me up for a weekend in VA. If I cant be in Maine, at least I’ll be with Claire!!

She’s downstairs now so toodles ya’ll.


2 responses to “props

  1. Free toilet paper is always a good way to start out the weekend :-)

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