thursssday, which is almost friiiidaayyyy!!!


Kicked this morning off with an extra thiry minute sleep-in, a long shower, and a huge bowl of oats!

Everything else was pretty standard–went to work, went to the gym, came home and ate dinner, etc, etc.

GOOD NEWS—->>>still feeling progressively better.

I have begun socializing with the outside world once again. Met the boys across the hall who are taking their internship status very seriously and perpetually partying, met up with Charles (as I mentioned before), and ventured over to the ABQ crowd’s dorm floor in the first time in a week or so last night.

Now I am presented with the issue of cramming in everything that I want to see before I leave into nicely proportioned chunks of time after work. I am here for 8 days, 23 hours, and 34 mins and the list of things to do currently stands at:

  • Smithsonian
  • National Gallery of Art for obvious reasons
  • American History museum–JULIA CHILD’S KITCHEN!
  • Anthropologie has better housewares than the one in ABQ
  • Dean and Deluca to get treats for loved ones (and myself obviously)
  • Barnes and Noble for my monthly magazine catch-up sesh
  • U St, heard it is really cool
  • Annie Cream Cheese–cute vintage shop

2 responses to “almost

  1. You do a monthly magazine session too! We are awesome. I love pouring over all the expensive food magazines (and then of course I allow myself to peruse the trashy magazines too…it’s a once a month indulgence after all)

  2. Continue to be impressed by your eye for what to snap on your way through your day!
    Do add to your to do list my favorite DC gallery: the Corcoran Gallery of Art on 17th street – catacorner from the White House. Note it is the first museum in the Western world built solely accommodate art and to display art by natural light. This is done through a series of atriums and skylights. The Corcoran is know for its collection American Wilderness paintings from the 19th century – a time when the West not only not won, but also mostly unknown to people on the East Coast or in Europe.

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