It appears as though I have a penchant for jinxing myself. Merely hours after proclaiming my love for all in the world and excitement for the future I was struck down by a mysterious illness.

The truely peculiar thing about this sickness was that it was not quantifyably a sickness at all! I couldn’t, and still can’t really, explain or precisely put my finger on what is wrong with me other than that something is not right. It’s a mystery–all you detectives out there..Here you go.


  • My mind is disconnected from my body at times–seems as though the world is moving beneath me and I am floating
  • Slight headache
  • Tired
  • Nauseous occasionally
  • Eating, drinking, closing my eyes–nothing helps!

As of now I think that I have stress and tension induced vertigo BUT other suspected causes ranged from sodium deficiency, lack of iron, exhaustion, inner ear trouble, low blood sugar, heat exposure, the list really goes on and on.

I suspect it might be a combination of everything–stress of a new job, new climate, and possibly being a bit sick. All i know is that I am four days into whatever this is and worried that there is something dreadfully wrong with me.

Needless to say my meals have been less than exciting. Breakfast has been instant oatmeal every morning, lunch has been a kashi bar and fruit or a quarter of a subway footlong and yogurt or fruit and dinner has been sporadic.

Egg + spinach + salsa

Baked salmon & Trader Joe’s veggie mix.


2 responses to “queasy

  1. I am so bad at being sick…I hope you start to feel better soon love!

  2. Hi Kallie,
    I am sure that your personal physician is giving you good advice to deal with this for humanity not uncommon situation, with mood swings back and forth. When alone the symptoms seem to grow.
    This is a quote from 3 July:
    I realize it is a bit soon for me to proclaim my adoration for our country’s capital considering it has only been 2 days but things are looking good at this point and I am enjoying myself to the highest extent.
    At this later stage you have probably realized that many “jobs” are just to wait or be present: acte de presence. Politicians do that a lot and diplomats, in processions, on stage, witting to make, maybe a couple of minutes appearance. How many hours did MLK wait and march before making his famous I have a dream speech? A whole day, the last week or maybe his whole life building up to this spectacular appearance? To do important things means preparing yourself all the time – what you are doing – and having doubts and feeling boredom on many occasions. Something like that …
    So what is the intern for a Congressman or woman from NM actually do?
    Hope you have recovered by now, love

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