I remember receiving the reading assignment for One Thousand Paper Cranes at some point during my mid-school years. In conjunction with the book we completed a project in which a woman was brought in to instruct us in the art of folding cranes. I’m not entirely sure of the relevance of the craft in relation to the book, possibly so that we could better understand the time and care that it took to make one (much less a thousand). I suspect my teacher was just pawning off her students to an innocent bystander for a day and writing it off as ‘creative’. Who knows?

I just distinctly remember I hated it.

I mean I love the idea of creating art, I enjoy reading about it,  I appreciate looking at it, I admire those who successfully do it, I even occasionally attempt to do it myself–for about five minutes. Then I get frustrated and/or bored and shove my half finished in-progress work of art into a drawer to be found at a later date and recycled.

I truly hold those with creative intelligence in the highest regard, as well as those with the patience to follow something through to the end mostly because I seem incapable of doing either.

I bring this up because after work yesterday my roomate and I walked to Georgetown to meet her friend for some sushi and to go out. On the way we came along a salon front filled with paper cranes. I truly am in love with this city–it has so many dimensions both architecturally and culturally. It is a large city but at the same time is so welcoming and I feel as though I belong.

(Many, many more pictures are sure to come of this wonderful place in the future but for now all I have is some random ones from my internship. From the very moment I arrived here I have not had a chance to sit and do nothing or to whip out a camera and I love it!)

The past few days I have woken up at seven, gotten ready and left for work at 8, worked from nine to six, then walked home (which takes an hour or so), and then immediately gone out, come home and gone to bed, then repeated the following day. I love the busy atmosphere of d.c. but at the same time it is bustling with young energy.

There are a ridiculous amount of interns on the Hill–not to mention other internships available for students including  lobbiest groups, non profits, and business organizations–according to my calculations there are 435 house representatives on the hill alone (not counting senate or other political people) and each of them have one to 35 interns!

I realize it is a bit soon for me to proclaim my adoration for our country’s capital considering it has only been 2 days but things are looking good at this point and I am enjoying myself to the highest extent.

did I mention that my dorm is three blocks away from this baby?

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  1. Kallie, Nice pictures and we are looking forward to hear about what all those interns actually are engaged in doing during the days, including possible intros and training. At Whitney we are now complete with Maggie, Astrid, Louise, Alexandra, Claudio, Sofia, and Lisa, Anders, Jonathan and Olga. Yesterday our big big project was making a viking ship based on the 4th of July wagon: it has a mast with a square, red lined sail, able sides with a dragon head at the bow and dragon tail at the stern, with golden shields hanging on the sides; the pullers will wear golden plastic helmets with aluminum horns (based on flower pots). Sofia 3 and Olga 6 insist on wearing their nicest white dresses and refuse 10th Century style. IN an hour half of the crowd is off to the fund-raiser 5 km run for the kindergarten. Many cheers on 4th!

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