Doesn’t it drive you nutso when someone brings something up but then refuses to tell you what it is. It particularly bothers me when someone begins saying something and then proceeds to awkwardly pause and say ‘nevermind’. Saying nevermind does not automatically wipe the memory of you beginning the conversation out of my mind forever.

Instead I become consumed with wondering what on earth you wanted to tell me but then decided against it for whatever reason. The funny thing is, as are most things in life, is that I do this to people ALL THE TIME. Just this week I have referenced an exciting event and then promised to reveal it at a later time.

Well, that time is now. My news does not affect most of you because you are not a part of my family BUT I officially have a fourth parent! This does not bring about much change in my life, as I already considered Kristen (who has been in my life and  living with us for more than half of it) my step mother but they finally decided to go all traditional on us and get married.

I couldn’t say anything because they didn’t even tell her parents until after the fact–it was a small courthouse wedding on June 25th. Without further ado, here are some pictures! :)

In celebration of the union, I picked up some cupcakes from cupcakeology as a wedding cake of sorts.

GAH you are probably surprised at my early post, but I was once again woken up by my boy’s need to wake up and workout at the freaking crack of dawn. I have been up since 6:30. And I have massive bug bites from all the spiders that I have decided to let live this past week, that’s it.

I am renewing my arachnid killing policy

2 responses to “fourth

  1. Kallie, tell them congrats from me – they’re so cute!

  2. ahhhhh yayyyy

    love ittt

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