funny bone

The good news: I SLEPT IN UNTIL ALMOST 11 !!!!!

The bad news: I woke up looking like this

Why on earth would I take a picture of me in this state? Well, I am glad you asked. You know those little things that everyone does but no one acknowledges or even really admits to doing?


Don’t act like you dont look at your own facebook profile to see what other people see(or untag yourself out of hideous pictures posted by others), laugh when you look in the mirror upon waking up to crazy bed head, or have a solo photo sesh when you are bored and looking HOTTTTTT..or sometimes just plain and simple bored hahah.

Okay, if you are male you are most likely exempted from most of this. But ladies, let’s get real. We all do things like this, no one will believe you if you try to deny it :)

Personally, I find these little quirks more amusing than embarassing. Maybe that is because I have much more experience BEING embarassed than some other people. Take the other day for instance, when I went to the mall to meet the boy in my typical hot weather uniform of dress sans bra or underwear and was informed upon arriving to him that my BOOB WAS TOTALLY HANGING OUT.

The offending dress

Yep, I could make myself feel better by telling myself that I have long hair and it probably covered it, or that it is not much to see anyhow. But honestly, probably everyone saw and I am okay with that. Made their day a little better because it wasn’t THEM with giving an entire mall a peep show. Nothing I can do about it now but laugh, and that is what I choose to do.

I guess I can’t fight fate, and it seems as though I am destined to make a fool out of myself  for others’ enjoyment so you know what, I embrace that.

I was looking through old pictures this morning while sipping my coffee which is what brought about this train of thought and I found some funny ones that reminded me of the all the times where various pieces of my body were exposed accidentally. I guess that is the risk one runs when you run around without undergarments but I think its hilarious that my group of friends dont even get surprised when another body slip happens anymore. EHH we all have the parts people, mine just dislike being confined by clothing apparently.

So in tribute to embracing embarassment here is a photo montage of things I found on my computer that I took of myself at some point in time..Some of them are more than a year old but I find it ridiculous that I took them in the first place so without further ado..


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