I am proud to annouce that I have fully abided by the most important rule of summertime:

being outside!

For the majority of the time span from breakfast to this very moment, I have been actively enjoying the outdoors. How, you might ask, have I shown my appreciation for the sun and beautiful day? Allow me to lay it out for you.

Woke up (only SLIGHTLY hungover) and enjoyed a lovely breakfast on my porch with one Jennifer Wright and one cute puppy.

Properly fueled, we set out for a hike! We piled into my car and met up with Kenzie at the Comanche trailhead. I hadn’t ever explored that particular trail, but it was interesting to say the least considering there is very little trail (that we followed anyways) that is not entirely composed of rock faces. August was totally suave about it though, took it like a champ. Lil mountaineer!

What could possibly be more fitting after all that beauty than a delicious lunch at Annapurna with the girls?! While we waited for our food we took tests to determine our doshas and a man that worked there came up and just based on what we looked like guessed what the test confirmed–I’m Vata with a little bit of Pitta. Turns out I enjoy eating all the food that is keeps me unbalanced, but it tastes so GOOD!

Doshas are very interesting, all of Annapurna’s vegan food is prepared according to your dosha’s necessities. As mostly a Vata person turns out I should avoid all raw vegetables! WHAT?! I guess I will just stay unbalanced. To find out what your dosha is and information about it click here and here. ;)

Now I am currently in the process of acquiring new music–official summer playlist is obviously needed.

Really digging 4shared.com lately, it’s legal so I dont feel bad about using it! Loading up on some she&him, coconut records, katy perry, cash cash, etc.

I’m gonna work on this for awhile, then maybe take the new jams for a spin at the gym? hm..

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