GOOOOODDDDMORNING! It is so interesting how different Albuquerque looks from various locations around the city. I happen to have lucked out, my mom’s house is in the best location in my opinion for sunset and city viewing. I stayed out on the porch after dinner last night for an hour and half basking in the–pardon my cheesiness for a moment– absolute beauty of the sunset. It wasn’t even anything special, I think it was just appreciation of being home again.

From 9 until 11:50 I planned on relaxing but got bored and instead spent my time unpacking and re-integrating myself back into my mom’s house. I only had about one fourth of my junk to put away but it still took FOREVER. This was probably due to the fact that I used this as an opportunity to clean out some of the mounds of old junk stuffed in the back of my closet.

I am SUCH a pack rat.

I am not kidding when I say that I found every single homework assignment from sixth grade an a stuffed expandable folder! Seriously, who does that? I threw away most of it, but kept a little just because I have already housed it for what, eight years now or so.

Ah, I diverge from my original topic: unpacking. I successfully finished after several dance breaks, obviously necessary, to rejuvenate my delirious mind. I have learned that it is better to just face what you don’t want to do and get it done before you have time to think about how much you dread doing it. It is a very handy anti-procrastination tactic. It was all worth it, got all my dresses and jackets hung up and my closet cleaned out.

I realized just how many dresses I have though, which was slightly disturbing. The entire main rack of my closet is comprised of dresses and nothing else! I did color coordinate them, however. We’ll have to see how long THAT lasts, but I was rather proud of myself.

This morning I managed to sleep in until the lovely hour of 8:45, which is unusual these days. I hoped to have coffee out on my porch but it is just too ridiculously windy so I settled for our kitchen instead.

Did I mention that our microwave broke and is currently MIA?

Just a hole in the wall, tragic :(


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