There is nothing I despise more than wrenching myself out of my cozy bed before I am ready. No amount of coffee can make that resentment subside, but that’s reality when you are forced to take a 7:30 final. I managed to choke a kashi bar down with some coffee before steph and I headed for Dane Smith, but really eating at 6:30 is just too awful for words. Luckily, those things are basically candy bars in disguise so at least it was delicious.

I am officially down to 46 dollars of lobocash finally after my shopping spree yesterday. I tried to buy alot of unperishable items that I could take home with me so I ended up with some cheerios, kashi bars, peanutbutter packets, etc. I did buy hummus and baba ghanoush also I think I can handle eating all that in the next few days ;)

Anyways, my history final went well, I think, but I was far from done with the day. I finished up and went directly to the regents meeting which lasted a ghastly 3 and a half hours! I was starving by one, so my dad picked me up and we went caught up over some Vietnamese. I also sent him with a few more tidbits to deposit in my room.

The most exciting news came in the form a purple little plastic square though, MY NEW CREDIT CARD!! I am done for the day, so I think I am going to find something to spend money on! hahah you think I’m kidding, but it’s been like three weeks since I have been able to purchase anything, even a cup of coffee.

One response to “windy

  1. Hey sweetie,

    I am all about those Kashi bars. They are candy.
    It’s been too long since I’ve had one!

    Anyway, thanks for your comment earlier! I’m glad you are still reading!

    Lauren, Lauren’s Little Kitchen

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