it has come to my attention that i am a caffeine fiend. what is a caffieine fiend you ask? its when you are addicted to the jittery drug available in coffee.

you know it’s an addiction when:

  • you wake up refreshed after a full night’s sleep, yet immediately head for the coffee pot
  • you drink upwards of three cups a day
  • you dedicate entire blog posts to discussing it
  • you own more than 40 coffee cups, but no plates or bowls
  • you incorporate coffee as an ingredient in other meals
  • you have saved more than ten pictures of coffee on your computer
  • that jittery, lightheaded feeling is comforting

I think i need to go on a coffee break–a green tea sebatical one might say. I try to do this periodically to cleanse my system from addiction, usually when it gets to the point where i have to drink the equivalent of  two coffee pots a day to feel the effects. It has come to that point, i’m afraid.

Jen is an enabler in my coffee addiction, mostly because she shares it with me. We had a bestfriend-date morning, all of which included our little energizing monster.

It innocently began with toast at winnings, my coffee cup refilled twice.

you’re probably thinking that’s not so bad, one might even say average. Then you would find out we walked to mitchel hall and purchased more coffee, which we then drank at the duck pond.

Even that second cup was manageable, the really troubling thing was when i made myself lunch and reheated left over coffee from yesterday to accompany my yogurt, banana, and oat concoction.

there are two steps in fixing  a problem:

1) addressing your vice. I ADMIT I HAVE AN ADDICTION

2) stop complaining about it and fix it.

looks like it’s green tea for me for awhile…right after i finish this cup ;)


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