Eggs with a side of homework.

blech, i find it disturbing that today has been so busy considering I had exactly zero classes! I suppose I could of broken up some of the work for today if I had not spent SEVEN hours in bed yesterday afternoon. After the run for the zoo jen and I hit the sauna/hot tub/steam room followed by la po and then i fell into bed and DID NOT GET UP. no judgement people, I had not had a chance to breathe or rest all weekend!

With 9 days, 9 hours, and 27 minutes until the freedom of summer becomes official I am just beginning to comprehend what that means. Obviously we all desperately covet summer break, it marks utter freedom in a fashion unique to students alone because once we enter the ‘real world’ we will no longer have the luxury of summers off.

The exciting thing about summer is reuniting with relocated friend but the frustrating thing for me though is that some of the people I am most in need of seeing I will not see until May 24th so I have two weeks up for grabs and no idea what to do with my time. I inevitably will end up vegged in front of the tv stuffing my face haha and doing nothing, but ideally I would like to actually do something fun SO I am beginning to think of some ideas.


  • First off, I want to hike often because it will not be as readily available to me in Sweden so I just want to be enjoy New Mexican sunshine and nature to the fullest extent.
  • I want to read FOR PLEASURE (preferably in aforementioned sun) because though I read all the time currently, it is not the things that I would choose for myself.
  • Also, I have big plans to conduct a Julie/Julia style cook fest, but based off of recipes I find on other blog sites.I have been scrounging the internet in my spare time instead of facebook and have found an immense community of talented culinary masters of health, and I want to give it a try. I cant afford to do it with my money right now so it will fit perfectly for me to come home and use the grocery funds to feed my family for a week or two.
  • I want to drink coffee on my porch every morning, I am blessed with the most spectacular view and I miss it when I’m down the hill at UNM. Also, going to the pool is a must. BY THE WAY jen and I discovered the magic that is Midtown’s sauna..it is far superior to highpoints and well worth the commute. It even has eucalyptus in it!! and a steam room..whoa why does highpoint suck.

I had a fantastic lunch of sushi (minus the rice hah the little lumps looked funny all naked on the plate) and, are you ready for this, green chile mashed potatoes!!! I am an avid believer in green chile’s ability to escalate any dish’s delicious factor. Well, maybe not everything..like not ice cream..WAIT no that sounds awesome! hm.. welp now coffee and a chocolate chip cookie are powering me through this post and an article :)


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