still have not begun my paper. I have been getting increasingly less procratinator-inclined these past few weeks and I dont quite understand why i have regressed :( hence the double post i am going to do today..its gotten THAT desperate. Still no facebook though, it seriously has not been difficult at all I am kind of surprised to report.

The past few hours I have distracted myself by making a delicious dinner (consisting of food taken from la po believe it or not), watching ANTM, and going to barnes and noble to read magazines. Now I am re-settled at my desk, my notes and re-steeped peppermint tea on hand, ready to knock this sucker out…right after this of course haha i’m not THAT ready.


2 responses to “procrastination

  1. Yikes I hope it comes together for you.

  2. i am a big procrastinator. thank the lord facebook didn’t exist when i was in college (neither did chatting!)

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