GAH freedom is so close it is almost unbearable. Only two more weekends in our little dorm before I head back to the mainland. I temporarily have my vehicle, though i am having a bit of trouble with the radio sadly. Nevertheless I have the ability to go wherever I want whenever i so choose, which is a novelty in and of itself.

There are a few staple places i consistantly choose to visit on the occasion that I have my car:

1) Whole Foods

2) Barnes and Noble

3) Sports and Wellness

4) Trader Joes

5) Target

6) Anthropologie

I have once again misplaced my credit card so it kinda makes going many of those places pointless AND to top it off I also have the biggest headache the world has ever seen, too much coffee today i suppose. What is a girl to do when she is forced to wake up at the un-godly hour of seven to move her car out of the dorm parkinglot to avoid a ticket?!

Caffeine is clearly the answer, but with great caffination comes great responsibility my friends

HYDRATE AND EAT PROPERLY to avoid coffee overload! yikes, I was so busy today that was just not in the cards. I am making up for it now though, just popped some pills (vitamin c, fish oil, and green tea supplement) and washed those babies down with a giant glass of lemon water. :)

One good thing about waking up early is being able to eat a delicious breakfast and actually ENJOY it. Yesterday morning and this morning both i was able to treat myself a tasty morning–yesterday yogurt and coffee, today banana and chunky pb. I perused a cool art book that i snagged at the fine arts library awhile back. I included pictures of these breakfasts–notice the byline on the paper of the yogurt and coffee one. (even after all these months i love seeing my name in print, doesn’t get old!)

I’m going to lay down and relax to my shins and death cab playlist before i begin my next writing project (literary questions paper). I’m actually pretty excited to write it, its about this play called Rock n Roll which i highly recommend reading it is truly well written. Discussion about greek mythology, communism, cold war politics, and influence of music are seamlessly blended and accompanied by a kick ass soundtrack. (think rolling stones, syd barrett, etc)

If you have a moment i recommend looking up Syd Barrett’s solo albums he released after splitting from pink floyd :

The Madcap Laughs & Barrett.

Pure genius people, schizophrenia does that to a person.


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