ISSUE: lack of toilet paper

SOLUTION: using any other form of paper. think napkins, papertowels, etc.

It’s astonishing what we things we will miss when we become personally responsible for acquiring them. Things like paper towels, dish soap, and toilet paper were always taken for granted by me until college. Now for the past week I have resorted to stealing toilet paper from school, stuffing it in my bag and depositing it in our bathroom. Napkins, tissues, and other options have also been put to use, do your best to avoid mental pictures.

I woke up incredibly sore from our impromptu entirely uphill run yesterday (sad because it was only 2.33 miles according to so I woke up at seven, ate half a luna bar and a bit of coffee and set off on a cute little four mile nob hill adventure! It was clear and sunny, but still chilly because of the time, so basically perfect. I made my way up Wellesley to the cutest park ever, jogging by adorable little nob hill houses the whole way there. I really love it down here, i only wish i had had my time I guess because that path is a keeper.

I walked out of my room this morning to find an…interesting magazine cut out left for me on the floor:

“Men are scared of powerful, confident vaginas. But I wasn’t born with a special vagina”

Hahhaha, always interesting in my dorm to say the least. I find it hilarious how girls have a unique culture all their own. Boys cannot, will not, and probably wouldn’t want to understand it but they get sucked in nonetheless. Over-analyzing, critical, actually rather conniving ways are present in every girl, I do not care if you are ‘different’. I try my best to avoid these downfalls of character, but despite my best efforts I recognize that I too possess them. It is definitely a toxic environment to be a part of but no matter how shallow and juvenile it may seem to opposite sex, the fact remains that when you send a text with a smiley it is construed as flirting (whether or not that is your intention) and if you are female and present you are being judged and compared (on appearance, actions, intelligence, humor, you name it).

Stupid things get exemplified, every action gets magnified, and no comment goes un-heard. I’m not saying there isn’t some variation from individual to individual, but it is my experience that we all possess some degree of this femininity flaw.


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