(I had so many pictures and didnt want to lump them all together so i went ahead and did two posts..i’m not so savy with this whole wordpress thing quite yet. the moment i figure out how to add pictures in addition to a gallery and not have the two coincide i will be a happy girl!)

After french, jen and I sunbathed by the duck pond but as i was wearing a sweater with no shirt underneath i resorted to tying it up and looking slightly promiscuous especially because i walked back with it still like that and no shoes on (got a boyfriend proposition from a really tall black guy too hahah maybe i should do that more often.KIDDING.)

Freeing myself from facebook for who knows how long is unexplainably liberating, even though i didn’t really have time to get on that often in the first place completely removing myself from it has been nice. I have been supremely focused on enjoying the outdoors, my friends’ company, my schoolwork, and cooking!


What you put into your body really does impact how you feel, act, and think. My disposition is so much lighter, and i feel the drive to nourish it the way it deserves. Last night I made a stirfry-esque dinner that was a bit salty but delicious nonetheless.

Anyways, continuing on. For breakfast I was lazy and had cereal at la po, but for lunch i devised yet another culinary achievement! Pourable eggs with spinach and chicken, and of course salsa. It was sooooo good. I’m eating it as i write this so i guess i should refrain from using past tense.

Dont even try to tell me that doesn’t look delicious!!!


One response to “untangle

  1. That looks delicious :)

    And I usually make my cheetah fries with a sweet potato or garnet yam, sliced and then drizzled with TONS of spicy cayenne!!

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