This weekend has been wonderfully rejuvinating, thank you all who texted me encouraging thoughts after my sad sally post hah it was much appreciated!

ANYWAYS it has become clear to me that my current lifestyle is in dire need of an overhaul, and this weekend really has cemented that idea. Saturday I was super busy, went to the fetch-a-palooza with kristen in search of a kitty but we were unsuccessful I am sad to report, although I did score some home made dehydrated fruit from the Red-Horse household!

The moment I returned from that the girls and I headed up to the heights to fetch money for Jen and to check out target, bought a really cute yellow shirt. We then went to the Grove for a delicious brunch! I had oatmeal and coffee, and the girls got eggs and hot chocolate yum!

When we got back to the dorms we freshened up and set out the the field to enjoy the festivities. We got there just in time for the African Dance presentation, it was so cool to watch and I regret not taking that class immensely. The sun felt wonderful and we decided to go the Jemez springs with our new friends, the roommates of Hiram and Jesse.

That plan fell through but we did play on the playground, laze about, eat a delicious vegetarian dinner of mushrooms and beets, and simon chopped up a watermelon, tasted like summer!THEN, be jealous everyone. we went to a private party at Winnings where we got free reign to go into the basement and dance to a live reggae band it was amazing but sweaty hahah


Anyways, this morning I awoke refreshed. MAde tea, did the dishes, ate the rest of yesterday’s oatmeal and went and did homework in the Fine Arts library. This week has so much due and I made progress towards getting it all done!

what i crossed off the homework to do list:

1. Article

2. French workbook pages

3. French culture journal post

4. Started my Holocaust memoir

5. Chapter 14 notes, quizzes a, b, and lecture for psych

6. Chapter 13 chapter test for psych

Jen and Kenzie came back from la po while i was scarfing my lunch (eggs, salsa, whole foods chips!) at 3 after returning from my Sunday meeting for work and we laid in the sun for an hour while I read a book for Literary Questions.

Well folks, that brings us back to the present. I wouldn’t normally go into that much detail about my life but it was just so lovely i felt i had to recap it, if only for my own memory purposes. I wont be getting on facebook this week, although my blog posts will probably still show up on my page.

I need to keep my facebook to communicate with those far away from me, both family and friends, but i began to use it for unhealthy reasons and im really not okay with that. I’m sure everyone’s lives are very supremely interesting, but i dont really care hahah and its not alright when i use to to check up on people that i trust with my love, i know that despite who they may talk to on facebook that we are solid and i know that.

it’s funny because the people who i care about the most, i dont even talk to over facebook generally. I was looking at kemp and my wall to wall thing and we only talk on it like once a year haha yet we text and call every day, i live with jen and kim, and i talk to my parents so yeah..thats my goal :) i will satisfy my boredom in other fashions!


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