you have not truly seen a sunset till you’ve lived in albuquerque

GAH, i cant believe my freshman year of college is almost over! it seems like it has just flown by, pardon the cliche.

My dad and i were talking about it today over our annapurna vegan late lunch (he got the north indian platter, i got the roasted veggie sandwich YUM) and this year could not have been any more productive and beneficial to me. I got the chance to work for the paper in a way that would not of been possible as a freshman at a larger college, transition into college and spend time with my family, room with three of the most fantastic people I know, take some really great quality classes all for almost FREE.

I know i have bitched about UNM to no other, but i have really grown to appreciate it. We always have beautiful weather, i am surrounded by beautiful people, and i will not be in a huge amount of debt when i graduate! I am still unsure as to what my plans are for when I return from sweden, but I have the next year to figure that out.

In other news, i found a GREAT website for free yoga! which is fantastic because they have an amazine variety. It is all voice however, and no video so you have to know the poses and proper posture for all of them before hand..just a warning to any newbies who might be reading this and intrigued.

Yoga really does help center you and keep you strong on the inside and outside. My legs were totally worked from boulder and then i came back and have hit the gym pretty hard the past two days, beginning my prep for the run for the zoo. Jen and I are going to do the 10k, which obviously would be easy to do without any training but i would like to put forward an at least partially respectable time.

WE ARE AT 21 DAYS TILL THE END OF SCHOOL PEOPLE! crunch time baby. lovin all the work, believe it or not. its sad how nerdy i am.


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