money or wealth, esp. when regarded with contempt or acquired by reprehensible means.

SUMMER COUNTDOWN:  27 days, 10 hours, 45 mins

So many things can be accomplished from the comfort of your own bed. I woke up at the correct time for my first class today, but my bed was so comfy I climbed back in and havent yet to leave it. I have not let this keep me from doing what I need to do however. I ate my yogurt and coffee and now I plan to write my article, catch up on my TV shows (since I have not had time to watch TV for two weeks basically), and take my ch 12 psych test.

I am giving myself this day because this will be the second weekend in a row where I do not relax all week, or the weekend. Not that I am complaining, i love travelling and doing stuff but i am a firm believer that at least one veg out day a week is required to maintain sanity, which is already in short supply in my brain so I am not taking any chances. ;)

I cannot STOP looking at lookbook! it makes me feel so inadequate, yet inspired at the same time. I wonder if you are born with style, or if it is just some innate gift that the lucky among us are blessed with. either way, im obsessed.

click it, if you dare..


One response to “breather

  1. Lookbook is good for bringing you down a peg. I realize now that I kind of suck at photography, but I have better taste than a lot of people on there.

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