Had an awesome day yesterday, very busy as usual but enjoyable nonetheless. ;) It was beautiful outside, as it has been every day. Not a cloud in the sky people!

I relaxed and finished up homework outside at the duckpond

The director of Chartwells randomly bought my food for me when I couldnt find my ID in the SUB, so that was surprising and nice.

Later the gang went to a Isotopes game for calvie’s birthday, the boys were heckling number eleven (Peterson) hardcore and he hit a homerun right to us when he was up to bat hahah we were converted Zephyr fans.

My nose is healing nicely, though still looks rather sickly–i got badly sunburned and it blistered!–but i have been using neosporin like no other. My mom also bought my tickets for my post-school north west trip! I get to visit tessa, kemper, and my family all in one two week period so I am very excited. Have another busy day ahead of me, so I just thought I’d get my thoughts straight. ..I have an article due today and an interview for an article due tomorrow, and possibly a meeting to go to tomorrow morning for a second article tomorrow.

veddddddy hectic but thats the way I like it ;) This weekend Jen and are are heading to Boulder so that will be a nice get away as well.


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