Returning from my trip to Red Mountain Pass, the time abundance of time I had was spent reflecting on the beauty of the world.(In a place like that, how could I not?!) Once you start looking, you quickly realize that beauty is everywhere, in every single solitary nook and cranny.

In order to aptly perceive said beauty, I think one should first create it. Aristotle said that in order to understand something, you must first contemplate its origin. In this case, I will take that to mean with myself. I am one part of the universe, one piece of the puzzle so I will start there.

Today Jen and I took a little stroll over to the Architecture building, and somehow spent two hours pouring over the art books there. Plopped on the floor, hungrily studying the art of yesterday I lost feeling in my butt while lost in the world of Dali and Warhol.

I knew I had stuck gold when I came across an entire SHELF of Warhol, I just have the utmost fascination with that man. His perspective is so unique its difficult to think of it as human. He totally revamped the world’s conception of the still life and allowed us to examine our materialistic lives from a unbiased standpoint.

ANYWAYS I came out of our little visit inspired to say the least, and two books in tow (see picture)

Here are some links to check out if you are interested in amazing art, im crossing my fingers that your answer is yes!


http://www.centrepompidou.fr/Pompidou/Accueil.nsf/Document/HomePage?OpenDocument&L=2 (click on the museum collection online to view pictures!)


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