I become entirely dependent on basic things when stuck in a car for 6 hours, twice, and hiking for five hours on skis twice in one weekend. Music is what gets me through all of that. Here are a few (mind you JUST a few haha of the six hours of music i had) of my favorites :)

FOR HIKING/ SKIING (the ones in italics are especially awesome while skiing)

catch my disease- ben lee

living in a bubble- eiffel 65

walking on the sun- smash mouth

umbrella- rhianna

hollaback girl- gwen stefani

die another day- madonna

what is it- baby bash

close to me- the cure

Sarbatoarea Noptilor De Vara- ozone

blood and peanut butter- BC camplight

dont do me like that- tom petty

knockout- lil wayne

never there- cake

kiss- prince

i disappear- the faint

island in the sun- weezer

lovefool- the cargidans

in her eyes- basshunter

digital love- daft punk

kiss me thru the phone- soulja boy

star struck- lady gaga

steal my sunshine- len

flux- block party

honest mistake- bravery

hey ma- camron

momma’s boy- chromeo

instigator- kaci brown

bossy- kelis

the way i are- timbaland

say yeah- wiz kalifa


you get what you give- new radicals

astair- matt costa

angel- shaggy

dollhouse- priscilla renae

break your heart- taio cruz

scar tissue- red hot chile peppers

love me- justin bieber

what ever happened- the strokes

cute without the e- tbs

faith-george micheal

you, appearing- M83

nothing better- postal service

running up that hill- placebo

take my hand- shawn mcdonald

pretty baby- spin doctors

yoshimi battles the pink robots- flaming lips

where is the love- black eyed peas

lua- bright eyes

the girl- city and colour

clocks- coldplay

wide open space- dixie chicks

wake it up- e 40

sleeping lessons- the shins

blinded- third eye blind

have a wonderful evening


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