watch out

How can you find it anything other than fascinating that we are essentially a compilation of our memories? Sure, we are comprised eighty-percent of water, but the remaining twenty is shaped by our experiences and we become what we encounter in the world.

Without the ability to remember we would be unable to determine our likes and dislikes, learn from our mistakes, or recall our accomplishments. Some people strive to live throughly in the present, but they neglect to recognize that without the past we cease to exist fully where we are now.

How else would you remember that fire is hot? Every single time you saw it, you would be fascinated and inclined to reach out and touch the twirling flame–only to be encased in pain. Learning by definition is to experience things, and adjust your behavior accordingly. Learning would be impossible without memories.

Living entirely in memories however, does inhibit one’s ability to appreciate the present. It seems as though either extreme, whether it be past or present, discombobulates and impedes on one’s success at living. You only get one chance to do this thing, and it seems to me it should be done right. (don’t even get me started on the ambiguity of right..;) )

I am such a type-a control freak slash perfectionist, that I want to be instructed about how to maintain that delicate balance between then and now. A handbook would be  nice. Maybe someone should write one, it would surely make millions. Or, it could sit on a shelf collecting dust because people have the universal character flaw of not recognizeing what they need, and instead focusing on the frivoulous. (It’s sad because its true. I mean, a book like TWILIGHT became popular..i barfed up better writing in my infant spit up..gag)

BUT, once again I diverge

What it all comes down to, I realized is the world is continuously changing, like a roller coaster with no straps that everyone is desperately clinging onto.

The funny thing about roller coasters is that I am utterly terrified of them, yet I love them because I crave that fear and sense of letting go. Guess it’s an accurate analogy after all.


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