Our lives are quite fragile.

We trust them to this giant green and blue blob bobbing around the galaxy, but honestly the world could end at any moment. There is nothing substantial keeping us supenended in space . There is not one thing on earth that is one hundred percent reliable and yet we expect our planet to be so. We expect our planet to absorb the weight of our relationships, our troubles, our thoughts and suspend it in a zero gravity abyss.

The relationship between humans and the earth is entirely unhealthy; it gives and gives, and we take and take. We have taken for centuries, longer than we can possibly  imagine but eventually everything must come to an end. Delicious food will go bad, great movies will roll the credits, remarkable brains will rot in the skulls of their owners. It just seems far-fetched to me that our world would be any different.

All I know is, I want to make sure that I am enjoying every moment that is thrown at me for the simple fact that it is there. Any situation that you are in,thats where you are and there is no point wishing otherwise. If the planet did spontaneously combust, while you were in math class desperately wishing to be free, your last moments would be unfulfilled. Instead, enjoy your surroundings and embrace any situation that you happen to be in.

I totally realize this is easier said than done, but perfection in thought is impossible. So we can only strive to make changes for our benefit and do that best we can.

I hope you have a beautiful day, enjoy it, embrace it, savor it. It could be your last.


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