time is nothing but a giant maze these days. trying to decipher where i should go next is becoming increasingly difficult.

first dilemma- should I accept the internship in DC or to work and save up money this summer.

second dilemma-  should I transfer from UNM to berkeley, stanford, yale, or columbia (assuming I get in of course)

third dilemma- should I just stay at UNM for my undergrad and go to one of the above for grad school.

fourth dilemma- should I go into the magazine business, broadcast journalism, regular journalism, or none of the above

fifth dilemma- should I just fail all my classes, lay in bed all day and eat my way to 500 pounds.

choices, choices..

leaning towards the columbia/ magazine route currently, mainly because I recently re-watched the September Issue. Anna Wintour has my life I swear, although I can’t imagine being that brilliant.


One response to “findings

  1. transfer to columbia or yale so you can be with meeee!

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