• Definition: to throw out of a window
  • Pronunciation: dee- FEN-uh-strayt
  • Part of Speech: transitive verb

(Word of the Day according to my computer doo-hickey)


The weather is driving me nutso! Although I appreciate the variety of waking up in a snow storm and having it give way to sunshine and heat by 4 pm, the periodic bundling up and stripping off of layers makes me want to go ballistic.

Is predictability just too muchto ask of you New Mexico skies?! My now-bulging backpack, filled with my snow coat, fleece, and gloves begs to differ. Can’t complain too much about the beautiful day that has blossomed outside though, the countdown to summer is officially at 49 days, 3 hours, and 50 minutes and it has never looked so good!

That is an absolute lie and total exaggeration, it always looks amazing this time of year. BUT right now it seems impossibly far away.

Second complaint: My skin has decided to revolt against my face. I realize this makes no sense, but neither does my skin’s current condition so its a fitting metaphor (while not being a metaphor at all).

I feel like I am back in 10th grade right now, and it WILL be taken care of. Starting today I have given up coffee, am drinking a ridiculous amount of water, eating salmon and spinach for every meal and being extra diligent about my vitamins, especially omega-3s.

I am going to go for a run now, take advantage of this weather, I leave you with some little tidbits that made me giggle.


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