The sound of coffee pouring is magical, much more so than any other beverage. It signifies waking up, the beginning of a day, and allows the drinker to inadvertently consider possibilities. It is a mix of a babbling creek and alertness, swirled up in the glass pot and delivered into your waiting hands.

Coffee is perfectly paired with writing of any kind. I am beginning my writing today with my thoughts, so that I can get them all out and focus on my task at hand. I have a paper for literary questions about the implications of the ‘sexual contract’ which leads me to believe that my teacher MIGHT be a slight feminist. It is difficult for me to write a paper formed around an argument that I do not really consider valid, but it has more and more become my forte.

I think I have decided to major in English, for my undergraduate at least because I love to write and read so why deny myself that? I will build on my English degree with something of more applicability in grad school. Anyways, it is supposed to snow today but it looks like a beautiful day so I want to begin and end this assignment as quickly as possible. I cannot write the paper this early, I know myself too well and it will be mediocre at the best.

I employ a strategy of controlled procrastination. Now I realize that appears to be a massive oxymoron BUT I have a theory and it has served me well this far. I have to basically immerse myself in my subject, read it, take notes, think about it, talk about it, be its therapist and its best friend THEN I have to wait until I get struck with the inspiration to begin writing..which normally happens the night before the paper is due as luck would have it.

Wish me luck.

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