I would love to write a book sometime in my life, I dont necessarily consider myself the most creative person in the world but I certainly read enough books to be able to copy a method. Jen pointed out the other day that I am so inherently interested in other people’s lives, I love watching reality tv simply to satisfy my fascination about how other people spend their time, and I feel I should put that to good use.

Now, I’m not saying writing some kind of masterpiece by any means and sci-fi is DEFINATELY out..way too complicated..but possibly a small snack book with little literary content for those people like me who like to read to escape reality. A book is much better than tv or movies because you get inside someone elses head and see the world from someone else’s perspective completely. With tv and movies it is all speculation, even with the featured interviews you dont REALLY know what they are thinking. So..I dont have any kind of idea as of now, but its certainly interesting to think about.

If I ever do, I know exactly the place where I channel academic energy best: My grandpa’s house. Maybe just because he is a writer, but I just love his cute house so much!

Days like this I am just so perfectly content and it seems as though nothing could be wrong in the world. I had yummy baklava and coffee for breakfast, went for a run and then yoga with a bunch of old people (thats highpoint for ya) and now I am sitting in my bed with my tea and sleepy, sick puppy snoring beside me. Poor thing, he got neutered on Friday and is just the cutest little conehead.


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