Fully channeling carrie in sex and the city on this day, writing in my bed with coffee. :)

After my lovely, eventful Thursday night slash Friday morning I am just taking this time to recover and try to forget about my little hospital trip. I guess I know what its like to ride in an ambulance now which is kind of neat.

I cannot categorize my feelings about anything but I just feel deflated inside and I am just trying to take it easy and focus on myself so I can return from spring break motivated and re-inflated (for lack of a better term).

So far this has been a success..dress up dessert with the girls on friday, santa fe with my mom and step mom and then hot tub with jen on saturday and as of today I am officially caught up on my Grey’s Anatomy and was sufficiently disappointed in the Time Traveller’s Wife(just loved the book too much i suppose).

and GEEEZZ I want these shoes

MMMMMkkk I’m going to head out and buy a guitar tuner so I can jam out a little and treat myself to a new book!


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