New Mexico weather is on crack. I spend all day in a dress and wake up to snow flurries! Not that I’m complaining per-say, but its a bummer that I have to trek through the impending slush all day long to take midterms instead of snuggling in my bed with hot chocolate and my book like the weather is telling me I  should.

I also ran out of my egg beater-stuff (trader joe’s version) of pourable eggs on the very day that I need eggs the most! I still managed to make what I had left worthwhile though, threw in some peppers and chicken and half a piece of toast WHOA I’m such a chef I know ;)

Today I have my literary questions midterm which makes me think about the bearded opposition (as I like to think of him) who says ‘like’ approximately 17 times every sentence. There is also a girl who uses the phrase “you know what I mean” to a despicable extent. Now I am in no way saying that I am not also guilty of using such filler words in conversations BUT I do not use up valuable class time to do so. I make sure I already know what I am going to say so I have no need to figure it out in front of the class. People need to think before they raise their hand, we are not your guinea pigs for your abstract ideas. BRAIN BEFORE HAND PEOPLE! My coping mechanism for such people is to disregard what they are saying and busy myself counting the amount of times they say their apparently beloved phrase.


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