long time; no see

wow it’s been awhile hah i’ve haven’t been getting online alot lately.

ANYYwhoo I am on now because I went to bed and subsequently woke up way early this fine morning. Spring break is so close I can almost see it and I am definately ready for a break. This semester has gone by SO quickly though its been awesome.

I have a quiz in French on Wednesday, a chapter test due on Friday, and two midterms Thursday and then I’m free for a week :) I spent the weekend in cruces seeing everyone and it was interesting, made me feel lame hah cause they go out every night of the week and I go out once or twice.

Anyways spring break will be great, I’m going to kick it off in Pagosa from Saturday to Monday skiing and hot springing it up and hanging with my momma, thennn come back and spend some time at my dads with kristen (i havent been out there in SO long), then thursday kempy comes in so ill be spending the rest of the week up at my moms!

I’m not really one for posting my feelings on the internet but this has been the most difficult thing I have ever had to do damnit. I’m realllly excited for kemp to come back but then he’s just going to leave again and UGh i dont know I’ve just gotten so used to being happy without him so I hope that doesnt go away.

In honor of the ridiculous amount of 30 rock i’ve been watching, i started looking through the pictures from NY last year. That was such a fun trip!


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