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have two seconds.

took some time for myself and had a massage today :) it was wonderful EXCEPT for the fact that I talked through the ENTIRE thing…I learned that my masseuse is 19, just moved from north carolina, lives on academy and tramway with her mom, is going to get her graphic design degree next, comes from a town of 3000 (56 in her graduating class!)..need I go on?

Anyways I plan on getting them MUCH more often and as they are to relax me, I will refrain from conversing! They are only 30 dollars and I plan on getting one at LEAST once a month, considering my schedule these days. LETTT me just take a minute to vent:

Kallie’s Tuesday

8:30- ignored alarm, turned it off and returned to sleep

9:10- awoke panicked, ran out to shower only to discover alie was in it. Threw clothes on, went to brush teeth and WHATTTTdoyaknow the light is out in the bathroom. (Went make-up less). Threw school materials into bag.

9:20- discover iclicker is missing! spend 5 mins looking for it…finally find it. Quickly pour coffee in mug and grab luna bar.

9:25- skeeeeedaddle to 9:30 class across campus.

9:37- arrive in class, pull out materials and spend an hour and half taking notes.

10:45- refill coffee in dane smith(only convienience store with french roast), sit in SUB and catch up on history reading.

11:45- interview some UNM College Democrats for article

12:30- Psychology..take attention…etc, etc.

1:45- get out of class, go to SUB theatre for Howard Dean appearance (interviews, record his speech, etc.)

3:30- sneak out early and head to literary questions class

4:45- get out of class, go to dorm eat the top of an ugly muffin (YUMMM) and half of a banana (only half in the fridge, sadly) while writing article

6:15- send in article, dustin picks jenny and i up and takes us to MASSAAAGGEEE

7:30- get out of massage, go to la po with the crew

7:35- realize there is nothing appetizing at la po, so eat green chile stew (can’t complain about that one) and discover delicious brownies!

8:40- return from la po in time to catch the end of Millionaire Matchmaker, then commence homework.

10:00-get distracted from homework and HERE we are hahah SWEEEET

Needless to say, becuase every day is like this these days…I REALLY need the massage hahah.



I have really grown to cherish Sunday nights. I use them to organize my week in my planner  (which is color coded by class) which I later use as a basis for writing my to-do list for every day on my white board.

Every night between the hours of 9 and 11 I lock myself in my room to do my homework, followed by writing out the next day’s plan, and then reading for an hour before I turn on my handy thunderstorm noise machine (an attempt to drown out the loud people next to me). I have found that it works very well, and the past couple of weeks that I have been doing it have been ultra productive and have run smoothly.

I went on a mini  nob hill shopping excursion yesterday to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather (mini only because i bought so little..a sweater and a piece of wrapping paper which i promptly tacked on my wall). My room is slowly but surely becoming less of a box and more of a reflection of me. I took some little pictures to illustrate the progress for those of you who dont visit it on a regular basis.

last night

WASSSSS ridiculous hahah

started with an illegal ride in the back of a pickup an went on to include first time inside a frat house, legit techno dance party, and laughing harder than I ever have in my life randomly hahaha

tonight promises to be good as well :)

PLUS LOOK AT THIS VIDEO! two headed girl…crazy.

pina colada

Today has been really good so far, mostly because of the relief I feel for getting through this week. I really enjoyed it though, it wasn’t stressful at all, just super super busy :)

  • ANYWAYSSSS my article about Don came out, and he called me (i know, kinda hypocritical BUT in his defense it was from a UNM phone) and told me he liked it.

there’s the link —

  • It is the best article I think I have written so far and I am extremely pleased with how it turned out. I refuse to read the comments because there are always people who SOMEHOW find the time to pick every single article apart incessantly slash use it as an opportunity to go on biased rants about some unrelated issue. Seriously what kind of people spend their time going on college newspaper sites and bitch about every detail?! (thats to you slowhike)
  • I also went on to my National Student Exchange meeting because next year I plan on using UNM’s transfer to the fullest extent before I peace out of here hah so here is the current plan:

AUGUST 24th 2010- JANUARY 16th,2011: Linskoping University in Sweden


JANUARY 19th 2011- MARCH 29th: UNM 8 week course OR travel in Europe OR work OR move up to the Northwest early.

MARCH 30th 2011- JUNE 12th 2011: National exchange to either PSU or OSU (if i can’t get into PSU, ill go to OSU)

(Plus this summer I will be working for my plane tickets and such as well as taking a few summer courses to make up for the deficit that I might experience from transferring credits.)

I had dinner with my dad and kristen, and now i am going to hang out with my mom….i miss living at home kind of :( I found some old pictures of my room at my moms..i THOUGHT i had some of my dad’s too but i cant find’em now.


busiest week ever. LITERALLY back to back commitments…plus sickness…  to go to Don Schrader’s home though for an article!! interesting to say the least.

For those of you who are unaware, Don is Albuquerque’s resident nudist, gay, urine drinker, war tax refuser, raw food consumer who does not own a vehicle and lives on approximately 3000 dollars a YEAR and a prominent UNM legend.


I see my future career in this man : Adam Richman

(thats the one on the left, although the old man looks awesome too hah)

Heres the plan: Drop out of school, create a show called Kallie v. Food! 400 pounds heavier and several million dollars later, I will have achieved my goal.

THIS IS WHAT HE HAD TO EAT! he failed…i would succeed