I am truly baffled as to why people who clearly have no interest in being in class even bother coming. If you are online looking at clothes, reading a magazine, or sleeping why even make the effort to drag your clearly uninterested self to class? When attendance isn’t required the only benefit of going to class is to actually learn the material, and if you are not paying attention then you should just stay at home and surf the Forever 21 website.

Personally, when I don’t feel like attending a class like that I DONT GO. Seriously, how stupid can you be? Lame attempts to mask your negligence are painfully obvious and unacceptable at the college level.

In other news, I am partaking in this college slacking (but not being a hypocrite!) by not going to my french class tomorrow and going skiing instead. Jen and I hitched a ride with my mom up to Wolf Creek for a much needed getaway weekend consisting of Ally Mcbeal, hot springs, and of course SKIING!!!

Today was a beautiful day leading into a beautiful weekend :)


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