I find it incredibly depressing that I have managed to run out of things to say after only a month or so of doing this whole ‘blog’ deal. You would think that in the 24 hr period that marks every day that enough thoughts would zoom in and out of that big old noggin that you would write a novel every morning.

I suppose if I were more observant I would be able to report on interesting things that I saw each day and go on a simultaneously petty and clever rant that smacks people back to last week and has them dripping laughter out of their nostrils.

However, that is not the case and I am perpetually stuck with my thoughts in the exact moment that I am writing them here and you are stuck reading something of very little literary value. So mu apologies for that one.

I am full of rants but I decline to vent them on a public forum..that seems rather tacky and unnecessary. I will say that I am exceedingly grateful for my support system of friends (my beautiful ladies and my bearded buddies hahah) and I could not ask for more fun, good hearted people in my life. Attending my Holocaust honors class every wednesday has indefinitely increased the amount of things that I am grateful for, and I leave that class every day just so happy that I am blessed with such amazing and influential people in my life.

WELPPP told you I was full of rants..Just to continue on this track–I have been feeling slightly guilty lately because of all I have. Some people only have 2 parents, some one, some NONE and here I am hogging all the parents with FOUR! And not just four lame ones either, they are all awesome. Thats just one thing that I am so spoiled with and I feel like I should give back. I think I am going to volunteer, but it is difficult to find something that fits into my life (and is within walking distance).

I felt lame that I didn’t have anything interesting to write about, so I was determined to do so. So here it is. And tomorrow I’m keeping my eye out for observation of the bizarre to spice things up a little bit.

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