have two seconds.

took some time for myself and had a massage today :) it was wonderful EXCEPT for the fact that I talked through the ENTIRE thing…I learned that my masseuse is 19, just moved from north carolina, lives on academy and tramway with her mom, is going to get her graphic design degree next, comes from a town of 3000 (56 in her graduating class!)..need I go on?

Anyways I plan on getting them MUCH more often and as they are to relax me, I will refrain from conversing! They are only 30 dollars and I plan on getting one at LEAST once a month, considering my schedule these days. LETTT me just take a minute to vent:

Kallie’s Tuesday

8:30- ignored alarm, turned it off and returned to sleep

9:10- awoke panicked, ran out to shower only to discover alie was in it. Threw clothes on, went to brush teeth and WHATTTTdoyaknow the light is out in the bathroom. (Went make-up less). Threw school materials into bag.

9:20- discover iclicker is missing! spend 5 mins looking for it…finally find it. Quickly pour coffee in mug and grab luna bar.

9:25- skeeeeedaddle to 9:30 class across campus.

9:37- arrive in class, pull out materials and spend an hour and half taking notes.

10:45- refill coffee in dane smith(only convienience store with french roast), sit in SUB and catch up on history reading.

11:45- interview some UNM College Democrats for article

12:30- Psychology..take attention…etc, etc.

1:45- get out of class, go to SUB theatre for Howard Dean appearance (interviews, record his speech, etc.)

3:30- sneak out early and head to literary questions class

4:45- get out of class, go to dorm eat the top of an ugly muffin (YUMMM) and half of a banana (only half in the fridge, sadly) while writing article

6:15- send in article, dustin picks jenny and i up and takes us to MASSAAAGGEEE

7:30- get out of massage, go to la po with the crew

7:35- realize there is nothing appetizing at la po, so eat green chile stew (can’t complain about that one) and discover delicious brownies!

8:40- return from la po in time to catch the end of Millionaire Matchmaker, then commence homework.

10:00-get distracted from homework and HERE we are hahah SWEEEET

Needless to say, becuase every day is like this these days…I REALLY need the massage hahah.


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