I have really grown to cherish Sunday nights. I use them to organize my week in my planner  (which is color coded by class) which I later use as a basis for writing my to-do list for every day on my white board.

Every night between the hours of 9 and 11 I lock myself in my room to do my homework, followed by writing out the next day’s plan, and then reading for an hour before I turn on my handy thunderstorm noise machine (an attempt to drown out the loud people next to me). I have found that it works very well, and the past couple of weeks that I have been doing it have been ultra productive and have run smoothly.

I went on a mini  nob hill shopping excursion yesterday to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather (mini only because i bought so little..a sweater and a piece of wrapping paper which i promptly tacked on my wall). My room is slowly but surely becoming less of a box and more of a reflection of me. I took some little pictures to illustrate the progress for those of you who dont visit it on a regular basis.


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