pina colada

Today has been really good so far, mostly because of the relief I feel for getting through this week. I really enjoyed it though, it wasn’t stressful at all, just super super busy :)

  • ANYWAYSSSS my article about Don came out, and he called me (i know, kinda hypocritical BUT in his defense it was from a UNM phone) and told me he liked it.

there’s the link —

  • It is the best article I think I have written so far and I am extremely pleased with how it turned out. I refuse to read the comments because there are always people who SOMEHOW find the time to pick every single article apart incessantly slash use it as an opportunity to go on biased rants about some unrelated issue. Seriously what kind of people spend their time going on college newspaper sites and bitch about every detail?! (thats to you slowhike)
  • I also went on to my National Student Exchange meeting because next year I plan on using UNM’s transfer to the fullest extent before I peace out of here hah so here is the current plan:

AUGUST 24th 2010- JANUARY 16th,2011: Linskoping University in Sweden


JANUARY 19th 2011- MARCH 29th: UNM 8 week course OR travel in Europe OR work OR move up to the Northwest early.

MARCH 30th 2011- JUNE 12th 2011: National exchange to either PSU or OSU (if i can’t get into PSU, ill go to OSU)

(Plus this summer I will be working for my plane tickets and such as well as taking a few summer courses to make up for the deficit that I might experience from transferring credits.)

I had dinner with my dad and kristen, and now i am going to hang out with my mom….i miss living at home kind of :( I found some old pictures of my room at my moms..i THOUGHT i had some of my dad’s too but i cant find’em now.


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