Have you ever noticed how everything is better when it is overcast? Coffee tastes better, your bed is comfier, your uggs are more appreciated (hahah). I have been so satisfied with the weather lately, its like a little piece of the northwest has been brought to me!

Plus today I have my interview for my semester in Sweden and I am kind of nervous. I am just so excited to go back, I really loved in there :)

UPDATE: just got back from my interview, it went fantastic! It is basically free for me to go study in Sweden and it turns out that anywhere NMSU students can go, I can go! which significantly opens up my options by about 6 more schools!

The only black spot in this whole thing is that the Swedish semester ends on Jan 21st which would overlap with the Oregon and Washington schools that I was looking at using my national exchange for. There is a meeting on February 4th about national exchanges though so I will be able to speak with someone and figure this all out.

Now all there is to do is decide what school I want to go to in Sweden. They all look great but i would prefer one closer to Stockholm so I;m taking that into consideration. I included the links below :)


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