Today a very encouraging thing occurred: A human being acted out of kindness for absolutely no reason.

Intrigued? Let me elaborate:

SCENE An exasperated blonde with a severe procrastination problem rushes into Dane Smith copy center to obtain reading material due in less than an hour, a UNM employee named Mary greets her.

blonde “I need the bound readings for the Holocaust Honors class please.”

mary “Sure, here it is. That will be $9.50.”

blonde (hands over UNM ID card distractedly as line forms behind her)

mary “Sorry, we only take cash or credit”

blonde “AH! i don’t have time to run back to my dorm before class!” (steps aside and frantically calls dad, copies down his credit card information…line continues to grow) “Okay, I have my dad’s card information here, will that work?”

mary “I’m sorry no. We need the credit card”

blonde (clearly prone to overreacting..proceeds to begin meltdown..just a HINT of tears, no screaming yet) “Oh…”

mary (probably noting line of agitated students growing behind frantic blonde) “You know what, you can just pay me back. Let me go get my card”

Woman clearly saves my life with no direct gain as motive! And yes I did run back to my dorm after class and get cash to repay her. But seriously, talk about investing in her karma bank.

Especially in light of the numerous Holocaust documentaries and readings that are currently filling my days (for a class…not for leisure), this kind of action was extremely surprising and surpassed my expectations of sympathy.

MORAL: DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE FOR NO REASON. it might just change their life.


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